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Hi WASH is an ISO 9001:2000-2015 certified company established since the year 2005 with futuristic instincts to be able to fulfill the current needs of the market, while being able to predict and adjust to the rapid changing needs of the near future market. Hi WASH is a professional car detailing and washing company that offers a mobile service for the customers, providing you with the utmost and giving the best compatible way for cleaning your automobile without water. Hi WASH, where the core of the business is based on the meaning of the Hi word, where we start with a smiling staff addressing our loyal clients with a smile and a friendly Hello (HI), where our products are of High (HI) quality and up-to-date technological methods being Implemented, and where our standards and expectations are set High (HI) enough to compete in both the local and across the global market.

Our services include but not limited to, taking care of the exterior paint, automobile rims, the interior leather, upholstery, vinyl, and the automobile carpets. Any other services you need, just mention it and we will make your wish come true. Hi WASH exploits up-to-date natural products, with the highest level of quality in terms of the ingredients for automotive detailing, the services will provide environmentally friendly, water-less services, leaving behind no mess, but an actual sparkling automobile, internally and externally that will encapsulate any dust, paint, scratches, within the time frame of 15 minutes, while you are simultaneously cleaning your automobile, and running your needed errands without giving up more time.

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