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We come to you to wash your car...!!



Hiwash is proud being market leading company in GCC that offers a professional mobile car wash and wax services for our customers, all without WATER! Can you imagine a mobile car washing system that comes to you and offer the services to you at your door steps? We provide our services at your destination.Where ever you are, at home or work, our professional and well equipped staffs come to the spot and take an ultimate care of your precious car, from the exterior paint and rim, to the interior leather, upholstery, vinyl, and carpet, we give you an unrivalled excellence service. Definitely, we do more than just cleaning; our products give spectacular long lasting shine and protection for your car paint.

Situated in shopping malls, Hiwash Wash N’ Shop provides superb exterior waterless wash to our customers’ parked cars while they do their shopping.

Hi Wash provides our revolutionary and comprehensive steam cleaning service which produces a complete and meticulously cleaned, polished and protected car inside and out.

Elite Service

Our reliable team comes to your work/ home and deliver a professional 40- minute waterless car wash service that includes interior and exterior cleaning and polishing.

what WE DO

Corporate Services

Your business can take advantage of Hi Wash’ professional waterless car wash services done by our trained team working on full shift at a fixed rate.

HiWash Extra Services

On top of our complete car care packages, HiWash offers extra services to ensure that we provide our customers with only the best.

Shahry offers cost- effective bundles on full mobile car wash service to a minimum of 5 members in the same work/ home location;  

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Wash N’ Shop

Platinum Service

HiWash Shahry



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